Stamp Making


I am gonna be making some stamps so looking for inout on materials and bits to use.

Any advice is good advice…I did trawl the Forum and saw many differing ideas…

I heard a potato work pretty good. :grin:

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I had some success at Christmas using Lino, that I’d frozen first as I found it was hard enough to cut, whereas “raw” Lino just got bound up on the bit

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Here is a video where a person made a stamp with their CNC. Of course remember to reverse things left to right so that they print correctly.

I made this one. My materials are listed in the post, under the images. If you want to know the exact product I used, I can check my Amazon purchase history.

Lineolum, potato, soap bars, Delrin/POM, Hockey puck, wood… There are options :slight_smile:

Freezing the lino is a great idea, JephM! I did have to really work with mine at not-freezing temp. It’s just so soft.