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Stargate drawing

start gate 48 x (1.9 MB)
the size of this drawing is 48" x 48"

to download righty click on the image and save svg format.


Looking forward to see what people can do with this. Love to see a full size gate in someones yard.

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OMG I love Stargate, watched it so much as a kid!

Do you know if you can import .ai files into Fusion360? I’d love to make one out of aluminum and anodize it :slight_smile:

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to download righty click on the image and save svg format.

The following file types can be imported into Fusion 360:
Auotdesk Alias (.wire)
AutoCAD DWG Files (
Autodesk Fusion 360 Archive Files (.f3d)
Autodesk Fusion 360 Toolpath Archive Files (
Autodesk Inventor Files (.ipt, .iam)
CATIA V5 Files (
.CATProduct, .CATPart)
DXF Files (
IGES (ige, iges, igs)
NX (prt)
Parasolid Binary Files (
Parasolid Text Files (
Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric Files (
.asm, .prt)
Pro/ENGINEER Granite Files (
Pro/ENGINEER Neutral Files(.neu)
Rhino Files (
SAT/SMT Files (*.sab, *.sat, *.smb, .smt)
SolidWorks Files (
.prt, *.asm, *.sldprt, .sldasm)
STEP Files (
.ste, .step, .step
STL Files (
SketchUp Files (

That would make an awesome bird bath. Just add some holes so the water stays at the correct level.

Just keep an eye out for Horus.

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Neat project – what type of material are you going to cut it out of? HDPE? MDF?

i think of cuting of MDF section to build a model for sections.

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I have a nice background in electronics. I could put in a motor and LEDS with a MCU

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Don’t forget your Stargate Command Logo :slight_smile:

Cut in 3/4" pine.


VERY clean! Good job.

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I work in the VFX industry here in Vancouver and just bought my x carve last week… I worked on many Stargate Episodes as well as supervising season one of Atlantis… the gate was impressive upclose on set!

The SGC model made here reminds me of some great times… thanks!



That is freaking awesome

I want to do the full size model but need help with the set-up. I do wood working and can assemble it after I get done cutting it. Can anyone help me with the set-up.

start gate 48 x 48.pdf (1.1 MB)

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There use to be a 3d model with all the correct moving parts i need to see if i can find it.

I’ll 3D model one with all the pieces if you figure out how to make the inner ring spin and the chevron things move in and out and light up individually. A working dialing device would be nice too.

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I have seen some cool models. none with the lock in motion.

Lets get a bunch of users together and make a life sized one and bring it to the next inventables meet up.