Start cutting

please help with this:
I have made a project in Aspire called test.
The project is a simpel text “test”
and I have selected tool in toolpath
But how do I get Aspire to cut thru X-carve

You will need to save the toolpath from Aspire using the appropriate post processor.
(the import g-code dialog in easel has more on how to do this)
This will write the file with the actual gCode.

You then need to load that gCode into Easel
File -> import g-code

Aspire is the design platform, you now need to generate a list of “moves”
This is what CAM is and for that you need a translator aka PostProcessor (PP) to link Aspire to code.
So set Aspire up with the correct PP, hit export g-code as Aaron mentioned above and import this into Easel.
Then you carve as usual.

There are many different CNC-machines out there who talk different languages, each would require its own tailored PP.
This is a very common work flow.

Thank´s Robert
I coudn´t find the thread

It´s been awile since I used the x-carve
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