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The program seems petty smart. It knows how it is going to carve a project from similate. Why can’t the program let you start somewhere in the middle of a project? Example, I stated a project and walked away, while away the bit broke after 15 minutes. The total time to run is 22 minutes. Now I have to restart the project and carve air for 15 minutes before it starts to carve wood again. There must be away to tell the program to start from a position other than from the beginning.

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In Mach3 there is a button that you can hit to “start from this line” or something similar. You scroll through the gcode and then hit that button.

I use Easel. I also don’t know anything about coding so if you can explain how to go about it that would be helpful.

Well, the machine runs on commands called Gcode. Each code tells the machine where to move and how fast to move there.

An example would be G90
G0 X0Y0


I’ll link some info.

Get to Know Your CNC: How to Read G-Code - Make: (

G-code Explained | List of Most Important G-code Commands (

Supported G-codes (

Now once you get familiar with the list of gcodes you can see them in the file that gets saved to your computer as a text file when you click on download gcode.

You can take the file and delete the beginning lines to get the machine to move to the point where it stopped working.

If your willing to use a different sender, I know gSender had this built in as a feature.

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