Start or restart carve at any percentage of completion

I think it would be a nice feature to be able to start/restart a carve and any percentage

my shop doesn’t have the most perfect power set up and its a real bummer when my breaker pops or the computer wigs out and the carve stops in the middle of a carve. I think if easel could add the feature to start at any percentage of completion it would help a lot. other wise i need to re-home and start all the way back at the start and up the feed rate to make up for lost time.

please i think this would be a great feature for people who also have very long carves and need to pause machines .

I agree 100 percent.

I´d love to see the feature you mention, but:

  • Whenever the carve have been aborted, for whatever reason, a re-home is required (homing cycle or 3-zero block) otherwise the machine coords and work coords are not in sync.
  • If no bit change was done, no re-zero will be required either.