Start/Stop Paddle Switch

I’m working on a custom controller enclosure with a smash style paddle switch and curious if there is any risk to electronics by using the estop switch to control power?

I picked up a Woodstock 110/220 large emergency paddle switch and plan on mounting that on the outside of the enclosure. Inside the box from the switch there would be power to the power supply for the xcarve and to the power relay for spindle control on the DeWalt. Anyone know of a problem caused by using this full kill solution?

I have everyting plugged into a power strip and use it’s switch as a “Oh SH*T” button.

Have never noticed any issue after an event.

Great to hear. I was thinking of using this as the full time on/off switch so not just limited to when things go bad. I don’t see why it would be any issue but just curious if there’s any special power down cycle the power supply provides vs an instant power cut as standard use.

I have hit my 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" button more times then i’d like to admit (mostly due to human error)…

It won’t cause any issues to cut the power to the x-carve or spindle…

I was lazy and just bought the awesome Rockler switch… the thing is HUGE!!

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Just opened more Christmas in February for the new big stop switch. Now to wire up the switch and relay. Will have more pics once completed.