Starting depth for vcarve

I want to create inlays with v-bits so that the inlays can have sharp corners but there is no way to set the starting depth like in Carbide Create. Just making a pocket with a v-bit then flipping the design horizontally and carving the inverse plug doesn’t work because the edges of the pocket and the plug line up and there is no tolerance for the plug to slip into the pocket. For simple shapes like circles and rectangles I can just offset the plug to the inside by a small amount but this isn’t practical for more complicated designs. Being able to set the starting depth below the z axis 0 would mean the plug pieces would fit. I can fudge the process a bit by manually setting the z to below the work surface by the desired starting depth, but that makes the first pass take off the entirety of the starting depth plus the depth of the first pass itself all at once, which is less than ideal.

If there’s another way to do this that I’m just not seeing, I would love to hear ideas.

Have you tried the “Inlay Generator APP”?

I have, and it works fine for relatively rounded designs, but the corners it cuts are dependent on the diameter of the bit being used. Using v-bits allows for very sharp, clean corners because the cut actually comes to a point.