Starting from the end of cutting path. Is it possible?

I have had a lot of problems with USB disconnects. I bought an externally powered USB hub which worked for the roughing pass. However I was not so lucky with the detail pass. I think it may be the USB extension cord and realize the next step maybe unmounting the PC from the wall to get it closer to the xcarve. I do not want to wait 14 hours as it carves nothing but air getting back to where it disconnected at. Is there a way to start from the end of the carve going backwards so that I can just carve the unfinished bit?

I don’t use Easel at all, but knowing what I know about GRbl through the Universal Gcode sender, I’d say probably not. The GRBL program starts at the top and goes down the program. If you were to use Mach3 and the hardware and controller associated with that, you can then start at any line in the program . That would allow you to go down into the program and start the finish passes. .