Starting my X-Carve Upgrades

I have had my X-Carve for a little over a year now, and it’s about time I start getting some upgrades for it.

I have a stock 750mm X 750mm machine without dust collection.

First Upgrade was Dust Collection. For this I turned to Suck It. I picked up one of their new design directional dust collector units, in Blue. After the first carve, I cant believe I went a year without this. I have a Harbor Freight 2HP Dust collector, using a 4" Rockler Quick Change Handle. This handle has an adjustable port on it, that you can open up to allow more airflow to the collector, to tune in the suction. It then steps down into a 2.5" hose, which is routed through some pvc pipe to the suck it. I control the dust collector with a PSI Long Ranger 3 remote turn on.

Next I installed t-track into the waste board to use some of the rockler quick clamps.

I then built a station to hold my computer and clamps/bits.

I picked up an IOT Relay switch to automate spindle control.

On order I have a 6" Z Axis coming from CNC4Newbies, as well as 1" riser plates and Y Axis Stiffeners from TBDCNC.

On the list next is 3gt3 9mm Belt Upgrade, 270oz Steppers, and eventually 1800mm Y Axis Mod.


Looks slick! Great job!