Starting point with vevor 3018 pro

I would like to encrave namesheets on doorbell holders, but i can’t find out how to use my machine properly.
I don’t now how to set the exact starting point.
Can anyone help?

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But ugs is not responding opening my files…
is it poissible to make namefiles with ugs and send them to the machine?

Are you using a grbl post processor?

im sorry, new to this :slight_smile: what u mean with gbrl post processor?

first i have this

here i am connected to my machine
here im opening my file

and this is the result, the picture i wanna encrave blinks on screen and then its gone

A post processor prepares the Gcode for the format needed for your machine. Not all machines can use all the gcodes. Your controller is most likely going to run Grlb. When you convert your drawing to gcode, you need to select the post processor. I use CAMBAM and it has a section to choose the one I want.

What are you using for CAD and CAM?

Did you set up the machine with this?


orry for my late respond…kinda busy…
the problem is not the connection… it just doesn wanna open my file…
how can i create the correct file then? i use inkscape to make g-codefiles?
i dont know what u mean with cad and cam? im sorry…:slight_smile:
the machine is set up with the manual yes…
kindest regards

CAD is Computer Aided Drawing. Inkscape would be a drawing program. CAM is the Computer aiding machining software that converts the drawing to Gcode. Easel is a CAM/Cad software . Fusion360 is CAD…not sure if that creates CAM too.

When you save your work in Inkscape as an SVG file format, you can open that up in Easel and convert to the Gcode you need to run a cnc. .

Open up Easel

Saving your work as an SVG format file

Your 3018 machine is going to want to use .nc files. Considering that the g-code file is just text, try renaming your file to end in .nc instead of .ngc and see if it will open then.

can someone maybe create a manual, on inkscape and a cnc programma… so i can try it out… i don’t understand…
im so sorry…
kindest regards

Perhaps you should try Easel, because that is fairly simple to use for both drawing and Gcode. Once you get the hang of Easel, you can apply what you have learned to Inkscape.

Beginners guide to designing in Easel - 3018 PRO (

In candle i manage to get my file in,
but the starting point is to far away… it doesn’t start on te file with the names…

Did you reset your work zero?

what u mean ? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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