Startup issue?

I have had an Xcarve for 4 years. I bought it new and assembled it and got it going. We use it everyday at my business. Last week I bought another machine slightly used through FB marketplace. I saw it run and was glad that it was already assembled. Took it to the shop, bought a new laptop, set it up, installed the driver, filled in the details of the machine ( Xcarve 1000x1000 threaded rod, etc.) Then I click Confirm Settings and the window saying “connecting to Xcarve” just sits there…waiting
The USB is plugged in
The Xcontroller is plugged in
When I unplug the USB it makes a chime
Just wount connect to turn the CARVE button from blue to green so I can get started
What am I missing ???

Is the right com port connected? How about the Baud Rate? Is the emergency stop pushed down?

Try connecting it to your other PC where you have the old Xcarve.

Most likely a driver/com-port issue with the new PC.

Thanks, I think this is the issue. I connected new computer to my old machine and still no connection. When I look at Devices under Xcarve on my new computer it says Driver unavailable. Am I supposed to put this driver somewhere specific? ( I just downloaded it and clicked on the download which unpacked it.)

There is a second driver listed in the manual that may be needed in order to connect. Give it a try.