StarWars BB8 wall display

Carved this up on Saturday and used some orange and silver acrylic paint to doll it up a bit.

Material: 1/4" white board/mdf
Bit: 1/16" downcut (keeps the whiteboard surface from chipping up)

It’s almost 24" tall. The plan is to attach a French cleat to the back and add some LED lights so it will glow from behind when mounted to the wall. Christmas gift for my grandson. :wink:


That is quite wonderful! Good job.

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Looks great. I was about to do similar but on acrylic and edge lite led’s. Are you able to share the plans?

Sure. Here you go.

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In before the Disney property lock!

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Got it, thanks. Of course I will delete it if Disney tell me to.
I will post image once carved and LED’s installed. That is one grandchild sorted, now for Power Rangers, Warcraft, Frozen and one other, all with only 2 weekends free before Christmas.

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Search the web for ‘coloring pages’. You can find lots of outline images you can then import into Inkscape or Easel and get a good start.