Static shock

I have been noticing that my x-carve is building up static when running,which when I touch it and I get shocked stops the machine and I have to restart from the beginning. This is becoming a real shocker and I need to figure out how to resolve this issue?

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Are you using a shop vac and a dust boot for dust control?

Geound your machine!! EMI is a very real thing. Run a stranded wire from you X axis gantry. Through the cable chain and connect it to your Y Axis plate. Then run a stranded wire from your Y Axis plate through the other cable chain and connect it to your Y Rail riser plate. Then run a stranded wire to the earth ground of your power supply. (You can use the horse shoe shaped connectors from Radio shack, or any place really.) Thats the green wire. That will ground your machine to the earth ground through the outlet in your wall. If everyone would take the time to properly ground their chassis they would save them self a lot of “I don’t know what’s happening” moments.

If your vacuum me hose is building up a ton of static charge it can throw off your steps. You can wrap an in coated wire around he hose and drain it to an earth ground. That will solve your issue. Happy carving.


Humidifier would help, if it’s practical. Winter is dry so static charges are prevalent.


Would there be a benefit in the chassis having its own ground rod & not grounding through the electrical panel?

I have my machine grounded. Frame y and x . Spindal Is grounded through the power cord. The only thing I have not grounded is the x-controler chassis. I assumed it would be grounded through the power cord aswell. I do not have my dust collection yet so that has not entered the equation . I am still having static shock issues. Go figure🤔

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Which Spindle are you using?

Yes. What spindle are you using. And where are you noticing the static charge at?

I’m sure any electrician would tell you that the earth ground of your house is as good as it gets (I am not an electrician). My opinion is hat anything you can do to isolate your machine from other electrical devices the better. Your earth ground on your house is the easiest to get to.

I have the dewalt 611.
If my hand touches the frame or spindal it does it

Dewalt 611

Did you add an extra wire to ground the housing of the 611? The factory plug is only a 2-prong plug without an actual full fledge dedicated Ground. I replaced the stock cord with a 3-conductor cord so that my housing is grounded.

Yep, that’s the first thing that came to mind :+1:

Derek if you’re getting that much static then be careful not to touch around any microprocessor on any of your boards.

If your still getting a shock from your actual chassis you may still have a grounding issue. Where did you drain your wire to?

Totaly missed that. I assumed it was 3 prong when I saw the big end. Problem solved.:+1::+1:

Problem solved??? Did you add another ground wire already and test it?

That’s exactly where I was going with my questioning. I would be concerned as well.

Grounding for EMI is one thing but electrical shocks are another.

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I have ran ground wires now from each piece. From spindal to z bracket to x cage to x rail to y rails to control box to x carve frame to building ground. Static is gone.:grin:


Awesome. Glad to see you got it worked out.

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Glad that this solved your issue.

Happy Carving!!