Steampunk Audio Source Switcher

Hey guys, I haven’t been around for a while, but had a great time combining hobbies to do something recently, and thought that I’d share. The utility of having a consumer-grade CNC machine on the premises is tremendous; it makes it possible for me to finish up electronics or other projects with a little bit of flair. (Or what flair my limited creativity can muster!)

Anyhow, I’m into a wide variety of music, and needed something basic to switch between my turntable and Raspberry Pi-powered digital player as inputs, and my tube headphone amp as output. I had an Arduino laying around, and also wanted to power up my first nixie tube as an indicator. So yeah, I took something simple and made it complex, lol. Opto-isolated relays handle the line-level inputs, to keep noise out of the picture. I can post a pic of the inside of the box if anyone’s really curious.

The steam-valve style knob and mount for the Nixie were 3d printed on a Lulzbot Taz 6, one my design, the other an adaptation on an existing design from Thingiverse. I finished with model paint in copper metallic, and dirtied it up a bit with some black.


Coolness! Now you just need to include a miniature Tesla Coil to give it the complete mad scientist look. :smirk:

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I actually thought about that!