Steel base to make leveling easier

I didn’t like not having any adjustment in the bed to level or adjust it. So, I made a tube steel frame to replace the aluminum extrusion. The MDF is attached to the frame with machine screws. Making it possible to shim the wasteboard about every six inches. I used the extrusions mounted vertically to allow larger height/leveling with the attachment plates. Not finished yet, but it feels to be more solid with the steel frame.

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hmm thats pretty cool idea I am curious though if the entire x carve is supported by those 2 t-slot nuts on each corner do you think that over time they will loosen and risk coming apart and slamming the router down possibly while carving?

do you have an kind of adjustable solid back up mounting for those places perhaps like a piece of fine thread all-thread with a lock nut or double nutted so you can just make each corner work like a jack?

yep, i was wondering the same, but you can put some M5 screw in the center of the small “piece of aluminium” (not sure of the name…). like this the two Y rails will “rest” on the head of the screw
and it will be usefull too to make some small adjustement like a rear wheel on a motorbike
the screw will “push” the axis

(i hope my explanation was good enough…)

Not sure if there will be any movement yet. Still in the build phase. There is thread lock on the connections currently. Vibration was is a concern for me. Don’t think the machine should be slamming against anything unless i have a big failure. If i did get movement my back up would probably be to machine an aluminum block to replace the extrusions. Using a larger fastener with all thread and lock nuts similar to what you were thinking. Will update once i get operational.