Steering the young ones to the dark side :)

The first project I’ve been able to do on my X-carve in a while. found some hand-drawn plans on Etsy and converted them to CNC files. The plans are certainly not the best, the directions for the balancing at the end are nonexistent, and took a lot of work and on the spot changes while building. I did get to use tiling in Aspire for the first time in 3 years for the rails and to my surprise, it went perfectly. I noticed the original designer basically made it from a kids garbage truck design and added legs, but it has a cute simple look for the Starwars kid in all of us. I still have some foot pegs, a final sanding and a whole lot of paint (totally not my strong suit), but all in all, I think there’s going to be one happy kid out there!



Thats Awesome!!!

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I read somewhere that the model makers started out with garbage trucks when designing the AT-AT’s for the movies as well!


BTW nice job!

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That is very cool. Impressive!

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hahaha That is totally awesome! Well done man!

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Looks like MDF? for your material?

I can totally see that!

btw that rocking chair is awesome!

yes 3/4 MDF

Starting to work on the distressed At-At look