Step motors 3018 woodpecker

Hi Guys
Does anyone know good stepper motors i can fit on my 3018 cnc woodpecker engraver. One has failed already so i want to upgrade them. But as a newbie i do not know to buy them from and which will run on the machine.


I think the woodpeckers use the small Nema 17s like those used in my Linksprite.

Before you go and buy some of these, make sure that it is your stepper and not your driver. You can checkt by swapping two of your steppers. If the broken one suddenly works, it’s your driver. My Linksprite came from Amazon with a broken driver chip which I replaced.

I cannot vouch for any of the products in these links.

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Hi Harry
I have swapped the motor onto the other axis and it still has the same problem. It has started to jam every now and again. I will go to amazon and get some of these.

Thank you

Though not unheard of, it’s pretty rare for steppers to fail. Can you describe the symptoms you’re seeing.

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Ian, do you know how to check stepper driver reference voltage?

I think you are either going too aggressively for your machine to handle AND/OR stepper drivers are running too hot, causing intermittent shutdowns due to overtemp protection.

If you during carving, when any axis skip steps hear a grinding noise => stepper not getting enough power and stalls out. This is not harmful to your motors but detrimental for your carve progress.

If during carving, steps are lost “silent” => overtemp shutdown of the driver, reduce reference voltage (which set the current, A, limit)

Hi Haldor
The X axis motor does give a grinding noise and stops.

I have disconnected the lead screw and put a dab of paint on the shaft of the motor, so i can see it move.
It runs then grinds and stop; I have then plugged the X axis motor into the Y axis wire and run it but the same happens to the motor. I have no problems with the Y axis Motor.

I do not know how to check the voltage, i am nit that good with that type of thing.

Thank you

What are your current $110-112 and 120-122 GRBL-values?

Reference Voltage is the voltage across a variable resistor, that in turn adjust the current limit for that driver.
If the current is less than the stepper need to perform a certain speed/acceleration (those GRBL values I asked for above), or meet too much friction - it will stall and make that grinding noise.

A stepper motor have limited RPM capability, due to the stepper nature the available torque drop at RPM and it will eventually stall even with no load. That RPM limit is around 1000-1500RPM depending on a few factors.
So if the max rapid or acceleration rates are too aggressive, these alone can cause stalls.

Hi Haldor
My Values are as follows:
$110=5000.000 (x max rate, mm/min)
$111=5000.000 (y max rate, mm/min)
$112=800.000 (z max rate, mm/min)
$120=20.000 (x accel, mm/sec^2)
$121=20.000 (y accel, mm/sec^2)
$122=20.000 (z accel, mm/sec^2)
I have copied these from the GRBL console

THank you Ian

Try and change $110=3000 and $111=3000
5000mm/min might be a little on the fast size though I am not familiar with your machine.

I´d be tempted to up the $120-121 values to 100 but advice not to change them yet, while trouble shooting X/Y axis.

Hi Haldor
I have changed the values to the ones you advised, but there was still stalling so i dropped the values 500 each time. I now have no stalling or grinding the values are both set to 1000.
I have run the machine in both X axis direction quite a lot with no problems, i have not tried it while cutting as i work nights; i will try it out on my next day off which is next Thursday.

Thank you Ian

I have a Woodpecker v3.4 board on my test machine (SainSmart 1810). I do not carve with it, but have a lot of hours on it testing software. The settings I use, which seem about the max the board/machine can do reliably are:


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Thank you so much for your help in sorting out my problem i very much appreciate your help.

Cheers Ian

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Thank you for your help i will up my $120,$121,$122 all to 40.000
Your info was much appreciated

Cheers Ian