Stepcraft and Easel

I am trying to understand if there is any proven method to use the Stepcraft 700 series CNC utilize Easel in any format, Meaning: Does it support Easel natively, (Which I don’t think that it does) or is there a GRBL controller that has been used to control the step motors and gantry with router through Easel Pro.
The Platform of the Stepcraft seems very similar to my Xcarve Pro on a much smaller basis (18x 29), I really don’t want to waste it. I appreciate any help in finding a controller that can use the platform and Easel Pro.

I’m thinking that the controller can run the gcode that easel can prepare. I routinely make gcode,check it out on mach3, and run it on my x carve with the x carve controller.

You can draw in easel and create the gcode. You can save it to a thumb drive and load it into the controller, which must have some type of input system. You might need a usb adapter to fit the jack shown in #5 though.

Multiple Connectivity Options

The STEPCRAFT M-Series CNC systems will come standard with the CNC Drive UC100 USB 2.0 connectivity, however, you have the option of using a direct parallel connection as well as the new RJ45 ethernet connection. No matter how you wish to control your M-Series machine, STEPCRAFT has you covered. UCCNC machine control software comes with every STEPCRAFT CNC system, which requires the use of a Windows 7 - 10 desk or laptop computer.

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