Stepper motor and belt upgrade

looking to upgrade my belts and stepper motors anyone with experience point me in right direction and everything would need to do it links would help to.from looking at threads i think i want to go to 269 oz nema 23 motors for all 4 unless the x controller cant power it.and for belts 3gt i think there called i think i needed stuff to go with the belts for 9mm what lbs do they need to be set at as well thanks.

With stock Z-assembly the longer Nema23 motor will not fit without some modification.
269oz/in Nema23 are 76mm long typically.

I recommend the 270 oz-in steppers in place of the 269 oz-in.

It’s got a much lower inductance which pairs better with the 24V of the Xcarve.

I use these on all my axis and my linear Z axis.

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forgive me i for got to list my upgrades…
-triquetra 2 inch lift

  • cnc newbies z axis
    x controller
    1000x1000 newer xcarve

thanks just plug an play im assuming? how do colors match up with current wires?can i just splice them or are they long enough to reach controller?

Wires weren’t long enough for the Z, had to splice in some…used these:

Otherwise it was basically a direct color swap for the wires.

I had the old non pressed pulleys so it was easy

cool thanks my colors are red black green white

@JustinBusby, Are you running those motors off the gshield or xcontroller?

I am considering doing a motor upgrade as well but I don’t have an xcontroller.

Xcontroller came with my machine


I doubt you’ll get the full advantage with only the Gshield.

You’ll get some but you can’t fully power the motors, even the stock NEMA drivers from what I recall.

Thanks, that is what I figured. I won’t bother getting motors without upgrading to the x-controller.

Now to decide if I should get the x-controller…

Look into Phil’s setup.

While it looks overbearing, it’s actually relatively simple to do and way cheaper. You’ve got a power supply and an Arduino, you really just need 4 $20 drivers and some hookup wire.

I might eventually upgrade to a similar setup (if I got a 2nd machine ever) just because I can go with a 48V power supply even though that’d be crazy overkill for an Xcarve.

I concur.

It seemed a bit daunting before I had everything on hand but the wiring it actually quite simple. Start with one driver to nail the “logic”, the other three just connect the same way.

I used TB6560´s on mine, there are better drivers available now (TB6600 and others)

Thank guys, I see what you mean. I read it over and look at the schematic and thought this might be over my head but now that I took some time to really understand what was needed, it really seems like the best route to go.

@HaldorLonningdal, did you not bother with the adafruit?

The Adafruit shield you mean?
If so, it is not required, you only need the Arduino + stepper drivers.

The screw shield just makes connections easier.

And there are other screw shields available that don’t require soldering. Check Amazon for some.

Oh the screw/terminal shield - I opted not to but see no reason against it.

so how would wire colors go together ? black and black green and green red and red white with blue?

give wiring diagram plz

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