Stepper Motor Noise When not Carving

Is it normal for stepper motors to make noise like this when they are not moving but the gshield is powered? It only does it in certain positions (a few times for every one revolution of the stepper motor shaft), and only with the x-axis motor. I’ve checked all of the wiring and sources of interference already.

mine does the same noise, it does stop if i move the offending stepper a few steps in any direction.

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I have a router for many years now so I can tell you this is normal. Some times it is louder and as you move it a bit it gets quiet.

I find it helpful to have the noise on when connecting power - this way I know all is well :slight_smile: - when I flip the switch and hear nothing - I worry. . .

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If the power supply is on, so are the steppers. The motors actually draw more power and get hotter while idle. All the coils are energized trying to hold everything still.
If the power supply is off but the arduino is powered ( via usb) it’s trying to power the motors but cant.

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