Stepper motor shaft snapped

Has anyone else have a stepper motor shaft snap during a project? I’m pretty sure it was due to a belt being too tight.

a belt should snap before the shaft does to be honest. But since you asked, there must be no certainties in life;-).

I once fixed a shaft of my laser cutter with two part epoxy but I don’t think this fix would last long under heavy loads on a router.

New motor i suppose…

I had one break so I know your pain. Not unheard of. Time for an upgrade

Well I have the nema 23 140oz motors but I also upgraded to the 9mm GT3 belting so, not too sure if that could’ve been the case. I also heard that the stock drivers probably can’t handle the heavier nema 23 motors.

The stock driver handles them just fine, just not to their full potential. It’s unlikely your break was caused by belt tension alone, but was likely a combination of tension and a defect in the steel.

The driver had nothing to do with the broken shaft.