Stepper Motor Stalling

Hello! Im having difficulty figuring out the solution to this ongoing problem I’m having with my x-carve. When i try to cut through birch plywood at ¼ depth, it catches at the same spot (lower/right ) regardless of what size or shape i attempt to cut. When the bit catches, it seems to stutter for a few seconds and then continues the cut off track.
Ive enclosed a photo of my most recent attempt. The project is a simple circle recessed about .030inches into the wood with a very small border around it. Ive found the cut goes perfectly fine up until the final cut out when it catches at the right side/corner of the project, stutters and continues with the cut way off track. Im using all factory settings in easel.

It appears you are loosing steps. - If you can make the project Public it would help. What size bit and what is your depth of cut?

Does the same thing happen when you’re running an air cut (router off, zero set well above material)?

That is your stepper motor stalling.
Something it overpowering the available torque at that spot.

Thank you all so much for your advice. It was indeed the stepper motor stalling. I found this extremely helpful video that walked me through the process of adjusting my potentiometers. I must have missed this step while calibrating my machine. I can now happily say I have successfully cut out my very first project!! :pray: