Stepper Motors Going Backwards on X-Controller [Resolved]

[I’ve edited this post to reflect the correct wiring.]

After I initially swapped the wires from my gShield to my X-Controller, and attempted theEasel setup procedure, all three axes were moving backwards. The problem turned out to be backwards wiring on one of the X-Controller setup instruction pictures. The correct pinout is as follows (left to right):

X, Y1, and Z: Red, White/Blue, Green, Black
Y2: Red, White/Blue, Black, Green

If you follow the wiring illustration in the X-Controller setup instructions, then you shouldn’t have any issues. However, if you (like me) failed to see the illustration and instead went by the photo at the top of the “X-Controller Usage” page (assuming the photo hasn’t been corrected by the time you see this page), then you might want to double-check your wiring if your stepper motors are all backwards.

Without going back to the instructions, I can tell you mine is red, white, green, black. Y2 is white, red, green black. Assuming all the steppers are also red, white, green, black. On this pic it shows blue instead of white and they flipped the green and black on Y2. I flipped the red and white (blue).

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That would explain things. I had initially wired the stepper motors based on this photo (as I don’t remember seeing that drawing when I read through the instructions):

I guess I should have double-checked the instructions first… but then again, I’m an engineer and that’s the last thing we do. :grinning:

@Zach_Kaplan, would you have someone check the photo on this page: X-Controller Usage? It appears to have the X-Controller stepper motor wiring shown backwards.

Unfortunately you can’t trust pictures all the time.
Do you know how to fix this yourself?
As an engineer this is usually the best resolution.
Two ways:

  1. Simply reverse the wiring
  2. Run Easel setup and reverse it in software via the GRBL setting.

In this situation, the correct solution was to reverse the wiring. I’ve now done that, and am on to the next set problems (the calibration carves).

Yea it matters how they are lined up on the other side. I emailed @johnhayes to take a look. We should show you the other side too.