Stepper Motors X/Y lock/unlock again

Forgive my posting of something that has been visited many times. I am a very regular user of the X-Carve (1000x1000) for 2 years now. I did the full upgrade a couple of months back, (Stepper motors/side rails/gantry etc.) with 100% success. (3 days, quite a few beers and a lot of patience) Anywho, I did discover the issue only after the upgrade was that my X/Y motors were permanently unlocked, making bit changes a pain in the ***. I was the one that put C-clamps on the left and right side of the X/Y rail to hold the gantry in place when a bit change was needed. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and was afraid to enter Pandora’s box (GRBL settings) because of total fear of killing my baby. Tired of the clamps, I finally found settings to change the #4 dip switches from “on” to "off (all 3 of them). they were all in the “on” position, and I switched them to “off”. Found the GRBL settings, and changed my $1=0 to $1=255 (whew I didn’t screw it up). MAGIC - the motors were now locked, and I could safely change a bit without screwing up the gantry position.

Fast forward 2-ish weeks, all of a sudden there is a lock and unlock button in the “Jog Machine” setting, that I would swear on a grave was not there a few days ago. Ironically, I clicked on unlock, and went to the machine inspector, and now the setting is at $1=0. I then went back and locked the motors again, and went back to the machine inspector and low and behold the $1=255 is back.

Excited, however, hit me on the noggin if I am wrong, but did this option just show up out of the blue? Or was it there, and I was just blind (yeah I wear readers) and missed it all the time? (doubtful)

So, Explain to me what does it matter if I NEVER unlock my motors, and leave $1=255 on lock all the time? ALSO - why didn’t I have this issue before the total upgrade? Why also were my #4 dip switches all in the “on” position the entire time I owned the machine (since new) and all of a sudden I had to switch them to off?

Thanks - Happy X=Carver Mike

lock 2
lock 3

Well I hate to say it, but that lock/unlock has been there for years it looks like it was added in 2015 per this thread… Two stage cuts ,

and this instruction on how to activate it has been on the Inventables FAQ page for a few about 3+ years now as well, but the update date keeps saying its received some sort of update about a week ago, but I’ve never noticed a change…


I think the dip switches are set to low power to conserve power usage, the same reason the $1=0 from factory… They are all Shipped in that configuration :man_shrugging:

Personally I just tell people to Flip the Switches and Set $1=255 and not even bother with those lock/unlock buttons cause then ppl will inevitably click unlock and forget to click lock again b4 doing a bit swap…

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