"steps" on round shapes

When the X and Y motors are working simultaneous they make a weird noise and the round parts the like little “steps”. The rest seems perfect. I already tried to mess with accel and travel speeds and that problem wasn’t fixed.
thanks in advance

Hi, I already checked the mechanical checks, nothing felt wrong.

The bit was 2mm for the aluminium, but already tried others sizes. For the cut per pass and feed rate i am using the recommended by easel software, but again i already tried others speeds and the problem persists.

Thank you, i will check everything once more

Just to make sure as I did not see an answer in your post. What program are you using to generate the g-code for this?

Highly relevant, the steps looks way too uniform to be mechanically (chatter) induced.

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i use universal g-code sender if im not mistaken. the file is imported from Corel Draw

i will try those settings , im using the ones that come in the instructions.
About the pixelated letters, i dont think the problem is my software, im using Corel Draw to import into easel.
Cut settings are the recommended for alumminium.

i dont have the laptop with me to check the grbl settings, but i didn’t change those ones.

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Try to make a similar “M” in Easel only and carve that, if the edges are different then it is the software.

Please elaborate on your workflow in CorelDraw and into Easel.
You could also post 20-30 lines of gcode, if it is software the code will reveal pixelation.

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Did you ever solve this problem? I’ve started seeing this exact same thing happen on my machine whereas it’s never happened before. I’ve checked belt tension with a digital fish scale, ensured all v-wheels are tight (but not too tight) and it seems the more I try to “dial in” my machine, the more I’m seeing these scallops on arcs…

Is it possible it is the software you are using is creating a series of straight lines to create curves?

Well technically that’s how this machine works. The software converts all arcs into linear format. I’m using Easel and just cut the Celtic knot thingy to test some cutting feeds/speeds and noticed scalloping on the arcs like the original poster had going on with his ‘M’.

You’re absolutely right, though. I haven’t changed my $11 or $12 GRBL settings from stock values and never had this problem before, so I don’t think it’s the arc tolerance.

I’m noticing slight “stuttering” now that I’m running it again in the X-direction. Potentiometers? I have them set at the stock setup and haven’t touched them. Maybe a v-wheel is too tight?

Yep, running through all V-wheels again. All are turnable with two fingers, not loose, not too tight. Potentiometers I have set at the stock settings based on instructions when I assembled the machine in December. Belts are set at 4.1 lbs at one inch height at center.

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X-controller, and the pots were set visually straight from the factory at exactly where they were supposed to be so I didn’t have to touch them.

Update: well I re-adjusted all of the X-carriage v-wheels, this time with the spindle out of the router. Tightened the static wheels first, then all of the adjustable ones to the proper tightness (again). Ran the ‘volleyball’ icon program with a 1/8" straight flute cutter and the problem seems to have been resolved.

Not sure what it was, exactly, but I have a feeling one side of the X-carriage v-wheels were a lot tighter than the other side, which would explain the stuttering effect that was going in in a certain direction in X.

Thanks for all the help, this forum is always good for advice and at least typing problems out loud :slight_smile:

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