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Brand newbie here and decided to take the plunge. Built the cart with no plans… just my brain. Then put the X-Carve on top. Been practicing some and starting to get the hang of it. I wanted to show off my cabinet first… more to come later!

Steve Owens


Welcome to the forums and nice job. Sometimes thing are easier to make when the idea is coming from your head instead of paper.

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So true… I have so much to learn about this and already broke two bits by accident. Lucky me… good thin I bought extra.

Been using scraps in the shop to practice small stuff on. I need to make picture frames and signs for my wife’s business.

Don’t worry it will all come together and before long you will be a pro.Sounds like a good way to put it to use and let it pay for itself.

Yeah true. I tend to be a perfectionist so hopefully I can “perfect” it lol. I see now why it took so long to put together. They want you to respect the machine.

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