Stick PC review

I have used a lot of different computers on my X-Carve from full blown home computers to Windows and Android tablets. I have now purchased a Stick PC to see how it stands up to the rest of the crowd.

The one I settled on is the Asus VivoStick PC TS10

The reason for this particular model was the price ($86.00 delivered from Amazon) and because it comes from a reliable PC manufacturer, it comes with a legitimate version of Windows. Windows licensing seems to be a problem on the Chinese clones.

Bottom line is that it works like a champ. It can be used with or without a monitor to be a headless unit. Most of the complaints are due to issues with speed and lag. The unit I received had an older version on Win10 installed and needed quite a few updates to be up to date. It would have been quite useless while updating. Now it is snappy and very useful. In fact I am writing this on the unit now!

Downsides? Glad you asked! Stock internal SSD has only 32 Gig and after update and cleanup, leaves about 14 Gig available. You can always attach an external drive for more storage or use cloud storage. Need a monitor that has an HDMI input or video adapter to use standard VGA.

Bottom line, a great unit if space and cost are a concern. Here is a great review that I found to be the best unbiased source.


I’ve been using one for about 3 months. Can’t complain. It’s crazy what a full blown windows pc can be shrunk down to. Asus does make decent products as well.

I forgot to mention what I think is one of the coolest things about it. You can use your phone as a mouse and keyboard.

I looked at those as well. Basically similar specs. One advantage might be they are fanless I think. Less concern over dust. I am however unfamiliar with the manufacturer, so ultimately didn’t. I’m happy with my decision.