Stiffening Y Axis Question

Peer pressure … :grinning:


Come on… Everyone’s doing it.

Why do i get the feeling i am going to wake up tomorrow morning on a bus inTijuana with ping pong balls in my coat pocket…

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OK I cut my first piece of aluminum ever, it’s for the custom Y plates as I wait for the 2 wide makerslides to show up tomorrow. It’s .25in 6061 T6 Aluminum that I got from Inventables a while back. Don’t be intimidated to cut metal, it cuts like butter. I used an 1/8th inch 2 fulte Destiny bit from Drillman1 I went with what seems to be very conservative feeds of 40ipm and 3 plunge and .005 doc. gave it a quick sand to finish in Black after the other 3 are finished.


Very nice! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Here’s the finished product, just waiting on UPS to start assembly


Ron, I went to a local welding shop and they got some pieces of aluminum from their “scrap” bin. Fairly large pieces, too! I paid next to nothing for it and it cut beautifully on my XC.

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Thanks Gord… that’s a great idea.

lol no, waiting on the two wide makerslides

Also ordered some small buttons off Ebay and made this little guy for start, pause and cancel.


Which one did you get?

Nice, based on the prusa.

Here’s the custom lift plates and the wide maker slides on the y axis all finished. When I get a little cash I’ll add the other v wheels and plates.


so the y axis wider maker slides, does it seem significantly stiffer?

Extremely stiffer

Got mine today… :slight_smile: thanks @CharleyThomas … landed safe and soundly before the snow hits… :slight_smile:


Really digging the y wides … :slight_smile:

Good work on the plates! they look sharp!


They should really offer it as an upgrade, such a difference in rigidness.

@BrianSaban did you make the custom lift plates for the wide Y rails?