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Still in box never used

purchased an XCarve just prior to Christmas. Due to a family illness, My life has changed and I need to sell My machine. It has never been unboxed. If you or anyone knows of some one looking please contact me. Looking for any reasonable offer. Please let me know.! located in Salt lake Utah.

Complete kit 1000 mm with extra bits

Is this still available bob?

yes it is

Here is what was is included

What is the bottom line you would like to get from this?


How do you want to be paid? Will you cover the shipping or would you like me to?

I can do Paypal, or Frontpage Pay.


whats your zip and i will check how much shipping is.

Pay pal will be fine


Bob, I’m sorry but I have to back out. I overlooked the size of this unit. 4’x4’ is larger than I have room for.

Darn, let me know if anything changes.

Bob, wondering about avail. and shipment to Minnesota?

That’s very doable

Hi Bob,

I’m in Idaho Falls and can drive down to get it. if you don’t sell it to John, I would like it.

Haven’t heard back from John. What arrangement could we make?

Bob, Sent you a private message with my phone number.

Bob, Private Message sent as well.

Is this still available?

I am very interested in buying this, sir. Not sure if you’d require all payment up front or if you’d accept a couple payments or not. Thank you in advance for your answer. Mike