Still trying with VCarve inlays


Have been working on getting this VCarve inlay technique done and still getting stress!

Tried this file Fish Inlay.crv (502 KB) and there are some major discrepancies with the male and female.

1 - The eye of the fish on the pocket side is much larger than the inlay so I removed it.
2 - The area between the fish head and body has a flat top and is too wide (shown shaded with pencil) at the top in the pocket side to hold the inlay which is carved to a point.

I followed the V Carve inlay tutorial to the letter.

Any assistance in helping me get this resolved would be appreciated.



Double checked that. Am using 90 degree 1/2" CMT 815.127.11

Check this instruction to see if it helps.

VCarve_Inlay_Description_and_Procedure.pdf (1.1 MB)

@AlanDavis - I followed that tutorial.

According to @PhilJohnson it seems to be my bit. I also have this one CMT 815.001.11 which is a laserpoint. How does this one rate?

I love this forum!!!


Thanks Phil. Just had a read through. Will try the 60-degree laser point CMT and see how that works. And just order the Whiteside bits as well!!

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How do you have your Whiteside bit configured in Vcarve? I bought one and it seems to vcarve a little too deep as compared to the Inventables 60degree bit I have.

I need an advice about FlatPoint bit, Phil:
I have “Solid Carbide 30º Engraving Flat Point” bit (
how should I properly configure that bit for inlays carving in V-Carve?

Thank you, Phil. Will try to use that.
“Funny”, but I just noticed, that “A” angle should be half of full angle.

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Thanks for the link to uk I have been searching for a good site for bit and never seen them. Do you use them much?

Ordered from them three bits recently.
Fast delivery (even to my country), well packaged. :slight_smile:
Tried only one (surface flattening bit) till now, and will try to carve inlay on the next weekend.

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Great. I might give them a try. Robosavvy are out of stock on a few bits. Thanks for that.

Tried yesterday with inlay with Flat Point Bit I was mentioned before.
When I have configured new bit, I was a little bit confused about Diameter and Flat Diameter.
Are that correct values you put there for the bit with 0.25-inch diameter?


l tried to use in Diameter (D) - 0.25 inch (bit diameter), and Flat Diameter (F) - 0.0311.

and for inlays I used:
Start Depth - 4mm
FlatDepth - 4mm
for inlay pocket - flat Depth 8mm
(I used that kind of parameter before with V-bits, and inlay was perfectly fit)

But using Engraving bits, I have a problem - inlay doesn’t fit at all.
I was checking the preview in Aspire - there also I could see, that inlay won’t fit.

I was tried to simulate the same carving with V-bits and the same configuration for inlay - seems that everything should be fine …

Where is my mistake?
Thank you in advance :).