STL carving

I’ve carved several STL projects and now I’m hooked. I’m trying to do a couple of files (each about 19mb) and get the same results for both:

  1. X-Carve Pro connected to a Dell laptop (8GB RAM 256GB SSD 2) Loads ok
  2. Material 18" x 11.25" x 0.75 pine
  3. Always me position ok
  4. bits: 1/4" downcut, 0.063 round nose
  5. Goes through probing sequence ok
  6. I hit Carve, then it starts generating the toolpath and it sits there and thinks until the page times out.

ANY ONE HAVE ANY IDEAS? Do I need more RAM in my laptop?


Maybe. How much memory do you have, and how much is in use when trying to carve?

Look in your Task Manager to find out. Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc to pull up the Task Manager, and on the Performance tab, You will see CPU and the second is Memory. It will tell you how much is being used, and how much you have in total. If you are using more than 80%, then it is very likely using swap which slows things way down. This would be an indication that you need more RAM.