STL Import Issue

hello guys. while i import a stl file easel change its size. how can i import same size the stl file? thnx

I can’t recreate the issue, can you share the STL you’re having trouble with?

actually whatever i download from 3dfindit or related websites product the real size is of original product is not matching after i import in easel. I do not know where i am doing wrong

the actual size is 9mm x 12mm but after i import to easel dimensions changing to 182 x 182

Silindir 3D stl.stl (17.7 KB)

Hmmm, I experienced the same issue with your file, even exported it from tinkercad which is what I use to design in.

I was able to resize it in easel without issue to your desired dimensions, but not ideal.

When I imported it into my 3d printer software, it imports as desired. So in my testing the issue is isolated to easel as well.

Hopefully someone else can offer you real assistance.

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thnk u bro

Yes, it is my belief that Easel reads the file size as mm, however STL files can be saved using a variety of units of measurement, including pixels. and this is likely the case for your part.

But also, this part should be carved as a 2.5D part using Flat artwork. This particular part has no 3d relief aspects to it and could easily be carved using 2 circles. OR a DXF or SVG of the ring shape.


Perfect answer @SethCNC

I got u bro but the issue here is not a simple circle. other all complex drawings (even 2d) easel can not size it true. as i understand from your ideas that we can not use easel for 3d stl file. thnk u.

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