STL Import scaling problem

In Easel Pro, when I import an STL, it scales the STL to larger than it was. The scale is x1.84435 bigger. Has anyone else noticed this?

I was recently reported that Easel is expecting STL files in mm. Other units of measure seem to be having scaling issues upon import.

I have not verified this but it seems to me this was recently found to be the case.

I created the object in Fusion 360 in mm.

There has been quite a few talking about import issues. I wonder if there was a programming change recently. I will try and do a little testing on my account and see if something pops out to me…

Although the design was created using the units of mm in Fusion360, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the STL was saved with the setting of mm as the units in the STL file data. It’s possible that the STL file itself is saved with a different units embedded in the file causing this fault.

When I open the STL in any other utility, its scale is correct. Also the alteration factor of 1.88 is not a ft or in to mm conversion factor

You’re right it isn’t a conversion factor, I was incorrect about the embedded units making any difference at all…

I went ahead and did some testing on my end… made a video talking through what I found (below)… but I’ve got a few questions before ya watch it…

  1. What’s the X and Y Material Dimensions of the Easel Project set to prior to importing the STL?
  2. If you take that X,Y Material Dimensions Setting and multiply them by 0.9, what’s those values?
  3. What’s the dimension of the 3D Model after importing? (Model Size on the right panel)
    Based on the tests I did, at least one of the values for X or Y from #3 should match up (very very closely at least) to that matching value X or Y from #4
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It isn’t the end of the world for me. Once I realized what it was doing, I was able to rescale the model in easel to get it back to correct. It is importing and stretching the y axis to 90% of available and scaling the rest to match. Locking XYZ and scaling a single attribute back to what it is supposed to be does work.

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