Stl to g code

Does any body have info. On how to change STL or svg to g code. I would like to do some 2d work but do not know how to chang to g code. Is g code different on every machine?

For a more precise answer we´d like to know more :slight_smile:
What kind of STL do have and what do you want to carve from it?

Easel dont support STL, I use Fusion360 for that.
Gcode need to match CAD-CAM program / sender program used (Easel, UGS etc) to ensure the gcode is valid for that specific machine.
No machine is equal in rigidity/capacity, which may also affect carve rates etc.

Tell us a little more :slight_smile:

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Let me give you an answer this way. Kind of. Gcode is Gcode, but each machine has certain codes it likes and doesn’t like, so software developers make what’s called post processors for individual machines. For example, I like to draw in Rhino 3d. If it’s a 2.5d drawing, I’ll save it as a DXF format which is kind of a universal autocad file type that a lot of CAM programs will accept.

I use Cambam for dxf to gcode conversion. If I draw 3D objects in Rhino, I save it as an STL format and open that up in Meshcam to create the 3d gcode. An SVG file is a graphics file type found in programs like Inkscape and CorelDraw. Easel can import some file types but not all of these. Xcarves are GRBL powered so they will work best with codes that GRBL likes. Look down into this link and you’ll see the ones GRBL works with.

Then look at all the codes in the second link below and you’ll see a whole lot of them that GRBL can’t handle.

If you get code created somewhere else and it doesn’t have a post processor for Easel, you can edit it in a text editor like Notepad or Wordpad on the PC.

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Thank you for the info.

BTW - Easel support SVG, meaning you can generate gcode (and transmit) direct from Easel (assuming GRBL-based machine)

let me ask a beginners question since I am one (I think I should at least get a dozen…lol). So if i have a STL format i should use Meshcam to create the 3D gcode?

Yes, I use Rhino to create an STL for Meshcam. Meshcam will produce the gcode that you can use with Easel if you use a compatible post processor. Save as type ( choose your post processor). Mine has Shapeoko- Grbl which what the xcarve was before it became the x carve.

excellent! Thanks for your fast reply! I’m trying to find the easiest and best way to do a 3D carve. I have to be able to teach my autistic (high functioning) super artistic daughter how to convert the files over. (OK, actually i’m the dummy… LOL.) We have been looking at VCARVE and CUT3D software. From everything we’ve researched so far the XCARVE is the best machine for the $$$. Since we are just starting out we will be doing alot of 2D but she definitely wants to do 3D. our primary focus is carving foam.

What kind of STLs are you planning on carving?
What software are you using to create the STLs?