Stock stepper motors, z axis, brand new belts, corner plates/brackets, belt guides, wheels. All like new

I recently bought/installed the complete Inventables upgrade kit.

My 1000x1000 is 22 months old, moderate/light use, never abused. Zero problems with anything listed here.

The following as a complete package is for sale:
-4 Stepper motors
-4 side rail brackets
-Z-Gantry (complete and perfect)
-All guide wheels
-6 Belt tensioner brackets and the belt clamps
-1 used and one NEW Z-access belt
-1 new in the package complete X-Carve X/Y belt (not cut)
-Multiple plastic printed shims to bring the X/Y on the gantry to a perfect 90 degrees (if needed)

Additional set of custom (Dewalt Yellow) made H/D plastic with magnets stepper motor covers (both Y and the Z motors). They just snap on. I added screws to the Z cover, because it rattles when in use, these screws tighten it to the gantry. I paid $50 alone for this set.

$120 + freight. Packed up, lets call it 9-1/2#. USPS from zip code 92359 Whatever I pay for freight, you won’t be charged extra. Venmo preferred. Cash/Check also accepted, but check must clear before I ship the package.

Please P/M me your info if you’d like to purchase. Additional photos available if needed.

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