Stoping or pausing project and resume

I know this a common issue on here and i’m not the only one but haven’t really found a good answer. Please help!

I have a 37 hour 3D carve. Obviously i will want to stop a few times and take break, go to bed…and not leave it running. When I hit pause on my X-Carve Pro the spindle continues to spin, which i think totally defeats the purpose.

So, the obvious question. Is there a way to stop the carve and pick up where I left off? From what I have seen and heard, No.

Or, When I hit pause can I unplug the spindle from the box to stop it from spinning all night without messing anything up?

Try gSender. From my experience it keeps up with what line of gcode it was on when you stop it. You should be able to resume at a later time. Test it out first though to make sure it is performing how you would like it to. It’s a fantastic piece of software. Introducing gSender | Sienci Labs


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thanks! I’ll check it out.

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