Stopped halfway through

is there a way to pick up where it left off??

Welcome to the forums. You will need to go back and start over. If you can you can cover up what you already carved and save some time.

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cover it up in easel? is there some kind of mask i can put over the carve path to hide them so they don’t get gone over again? or can i delete part of the cutting path? can i make changes like that on the fly, like while it’s cutting?

Just add an arbitraty shape, set to zero depth and place it over any already carved area. This will exclude that portion from being carved again.

If you did a homing cycle prior to the carve, you can reset CNC and recarve using previous work zero.

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it will exclude it from being carved but will it still go through the motion? or will it jump past that section and start carving where it isn’t masked?

It will leave out any motion related to the carved part. You can hit Simulate on Easel and tool paths will be showed :slight_smile: Start-point with Easel is arbitrary, and as a user something you dont have any control over.