I have my X Carve in my Woodshop which generates a lot of dust that can settle all over things. I needed a way to keep this dust out of my X Carve when not in use. My original plan was to make this from acrylic, but I wanted to play with design so I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up 3 large black foam boards and some black tape. What I came up with is actually 3 Boxes and a Panel. There is one long thin approx. 5" x 4" by 36 inch box to cover each Y Axis Rail. Then a Box 42" x 13" x 10" covers the X & Z gantry. One side of each cover is 1 1/2" shorter on the waste board side to square it all up. All three boxes have cut outs where the rails and nema motors stick out to make them sit flat. All three boxes store inside each other and slip right under the machine. The fourth piece is just the left over Foam Board which just happens to perfectly cover the waste board.

I used the foam board to work out a design with plans to build it out of acrylic, but I kinda like this fine and it only costed me 15 bucks.

(3) sheets Foam Board 40" x 32"
(1) roll of black tape


Great solution for covering the machine!


Sometimes, good enough is good enough!



You and I think a lot alike. I may be doing something very similar with mine.

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Mine (when it finally arrives) is the 500x500 version, and I plan on just putting a large plastic storage tub on top of it. :smile:

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i would have just thrown a sheet over it haha good idea!

Yeah I agree but dust and fabric or plastic not good, plus I can use the waste board area for much needed counter space here in my tiny shop!. I just couldn’t bring myself to cover it with a tarp/sheet. I already named her Carvalina, she deserves the best!

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haha carvalina! nice

nice name @DonDespain

I wonder what I’ll be naming mine.

Nice cover! It’s functional and looks cool too. My initial thought was to use an old bed sheet or something. But I like the “respect” shown with the custom cover. I think I’ll make something similar to yours when I get mine up and running. Thanks for the idea.

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Thanks for the kind words, Only the best for Carvalina!