Storing the X-Carve on its edge

I have a 1000mm X-carve, and although I love the work area, it takes up a tremendous about of real estate in my small workshop. I have considered creating a bench with a hinge allowing the system to fold up against the wall when not is use. My concern is how the rails would survive the weight of the spindle (Dewalt) in the upright orientation. Should I create some sort of brace that takes the weight during storage? Any success stories?

Your thoughts?

If I remember correctly, I believe @MikeBuist has a folding table. Maybe he could shed some light on this.

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I store mine on it’s side when not in use. I remove the bit, park it in a corner, and turn the z so that the spindle chuck rests on the table. That way nothing moves. When I set it back up, I use a caliper attachment to the laser mount I made to recheck height against the table (through x & y), and then I do a recheck with a bit to confirm exact 0,0,0 on one corner of the table and another point at near full x and y. I’m a tad particular about getting accurate dimensioned parts, obviously. The results of several cycles have shown however that there has been very little change in alignment after having been stored on it’s side. I think what little movement I am seeing is due to belt stretch, as the 0,0,0 point has seldom required any tweaking.

Thank you, I will check it out

Thanks Scott, I will take that in to consideration. Since you go through the process of removing the bit, what do you think of replacing the bit with piece of metal rod and mating it with a drill hole in the waste board to give it a physical connection point? Would that put strain on the motor and mount?

At first glance I’m not fond of that idea. There’s a lot of weight in the form of the motor and arm. If there was an accidental impact, you’d want things to slide slightly rather than bend something out of alignment.

I’ve got mine on a downward folding table currently in my dining room but haven’t found a way I’m happy with to secure it properly.

Would removing the router remove stress and weight?

Mine spent near two years on it’s side and has suffered no ill effects.