Strange edges in easel design

Not sure what sub group for easel this should go in.

Been tooling around with easel and using Adobe Illustrator to create SVG files of some images I used Photoshop to create. When I import the SVG into easel and then adjust the height I get these funny looking cuts. See how the jet (C17) has these strange borders around it? What causes that and how can I get rid of them?


Without seeing the files, I’d guess you have extra paths in your svg.


SVG attached.

If extra paths, how do I remove? Using Adobe Illustrator:

Image Trace
Make and Expand
Save as SVG


Can you share the Easel file as well? I’ll be at a computer shortly.

Thanks. I did not modify everything. Basically looking to have the jet, the logo, the lettering and the frame raised.


There are a couple of stacked vectors in your SVG. Basically there are two jets, not quite lined up. I removed the fill, added a stroke width to everything, clicked on the path that made the jet, delete, and there was another one there. It wasn’t just the jet, so it was a complicated thing to work with in Easel. Here’s a project with the extra “layer” removed.

Thanks! Did you do all of this in easel or something else?

Everything I did to the SVG was in inkscape. I added a “workpiece” to the shared Easel file, so you can sort of see the process when i imported the new SVG. In Easel, I just selected the vectors and set a cut depth of zero, drew a rectangle, sized it, set it at the origin, and “sent it to back”.