Strange problems with 2 pass cutting

this project

This is a simple object with some thin pointy corners. Getting into the corners will require a 1/32 bit. All of the cuts are through the entire thickness of the material . basically cutting out 2d shapes. No “fill” cuts. Obviously I don’t want to cut the entire project with a 1/32 (this is a simple demo object, real projects would be much more complex).

I am trying to setup to cut out object with 2 passes.

  • first pass with a 1/8 bit which will cut 95% of the cuts
  • second pass with a 1/32 to “sharpen” up the pointy corners.

PROBLEM: Show Toolpaths. Easel tells me there is nothing that can be cut with the current settings. If I remove the detail bit, it will show toolpaths (and cut). or… if I set the cuts to “fill” then it works fine. Does the 2-pass only work when you have objects that are “fill” ?

Are you trying to keep the object you’re cutting out, or are you trying to cut a tooth-shaped hole in a board and keep that?

If you’re trying to keep the object, an 1/8" bit can do it by itself. Just select “Outline OUTSIDE” and you’ll be fine. You don’t need to use 2 stage cutting here.

I suspect what’s happening is that when you go to “show toolpaths” it tries to determine which parts need which bit, but since the whole thing can be cut with the largest bit, it gets confused.

trying to keep the tooth shaped object. the cuts are just “through” , outline, perimeter cuts. It seems that the 2-pass cutting only likes to do its thing for “fill” objects. I was REALLY hoping to use it for cutitng shapes. Flat 2D shapes where most of the outline can be cut with a 1/8 then go back with a 1/32 and get the narrow points in the perimeter that the 1/8 wouldn’t get into. Seems like 2-pass cutting doesn’t work like that? Bit of a dissapointment. Maybe I’ll learn I’m just missing something :slight_smile: