Strange Stepper Motor Issue (one turn)

I have had my X-carve for a year now, and it has performed flawlessly. However, today when I was trying to home my router I clicked the move 0.1 mm down in Z-axis. The motor reacted and moved 0.1 mm. However, when I clicked move 0.1 mm down again the motor didn’t react and made a quite whine. I can turn my x-carve on and off and it will move once then not move the second time.

Other notes:

-X and Y axis work fine

  • I have easily put 400 hours on my x-carve.

Any help would be awesome.



Can you move it up and down for 10mm without problems?

ALWAYS check for loose wires first thing when something like this happens. Bad things happen when your stepper is not connected properly and you continue to experiment. Check and tighten all connections then, troubleshoot.