Strong Aluminum Extrusion Rail

Was goofing off on Reddit the other day and saw a new extrusion rail boasting better strength for longer runs.

The extrusion looks like an inverse MakerSlide with the v-channels running internally with bracing for torsion torque. The beefiness of this looks intriguing and given the vchannel could be a compliment for extending the X or Y axis on the x-carve.

In the thread someone suggested flipping the side rails so they act as their own dust shield.

FYI I didn’t post it there - just read and would be curious what others think if this is legit.



wow they look beefy, I might try to get a hold on a set if they actually make them.

Any idea where the spindle sits to move along the z-axis?

I really like this design. I wonder how much the parts are.

I’m guessing that the z-axis moves and the sled is actually fixed to the x gantry this way the router is bound to the track and provides a longer throw without the end of the rail in the way