Struggling with cutting around the border for this design

I’m working on a project for my husband to carve for me. I designed this pattern in Affinity Designer that will be a Christmas ornament. I exported it into a JPEG and then imported with image trace into Easel Pro. I want to carve the inside lines with the 60 degree V bit, and cut out around the border of the image. When I click the border to assign the depth of cut, every line that touches the outer border is selected. I cannot figure out how to tell the tool to cut out the bird. I hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.


can you put a small gap in every line that touches the outer border

This is the draw back of easel vs say V-Carve Desktop or Pro. I haven’t made the jump yet, but close. What you would have to do is make this image on first tile at the bottom, then copy that project over to another one. Select your lines you want cut with v-bit, then delete the other lines. Then for a third tile, have only the outline of the bird to cut out with one the other straight bits.
Kind of hard to maybe explain, but can probably help you if you send the file. I can help. (If I understand correctly, you want the dashed lines to be cut with v bit right?, and the solid lines you want cut with a straight bit?)

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I totally get this! Thank you!

Your Welcome! I hope you were successful in getting it cut in the manner you wanted. Please share end result…

Hi Susan.

I had a similar experience recently and ended up going back to - in my case Illustrator - and remove all the lines I did not need and create a outer line only file. Save it with a name that has ‘cutout’ in the file name so it is easy to find.

Import that onto a what I call a Master slide at the bottom add both files on top of each other to make sure they are perfectly aligned then duplicate the Master slide twice and rename them as detail and cutout and remove what is not needed and then create the cutting path.

Works great for me, I had a project that I ended up with 4 different slides and cnc paths and 3 bit changes on my machine. result was great.

Hope you end up with a perfect project and enjoy making more ones.