Stuck on COM port

setting up my yorahome silverback and when prompted, I enter the com port number and it gives the spinning wheel. Carve button in easel never turns green. just downloaded the new easel driver and running windows 11. Using trial version of easel pro.
Please help!

Can you connect with another control program?
I like CNCjs.

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Do I need a 2nd program for cutting? I’m a total noob. A little concerned with just getting everything connected and communicating.

No, but it’ll help rule out some issues. Do you have any experience using a terminal program like PuTTY or even Arduino?

I’m in complete agreement with Neil on this one

I think the yoras come with a copy of Candle gcode sender, you might want to verify the connection through candle prior to attempting to connect through easel…

Also note that if the com port is #1-3 then you may need to force change it to 4 or higher, some pcs will reserve 1-3 for peripherals and won’t allow the cnc to connect properly. :man_shrugging:

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