Stuck on "connecting to X-carve

Well, I finally got all the loose ends tied up on my 1000. Brought the trusty laptop to the garage, and entered the setup process. It let me enter my machine specs, clicked confirm, then I got the “plug up and turn on your machine” message…

And here it sits…


Vizio windows 7 laptop
Cable that came with the machine.

I know the USB connection is good, as the “add new hardware wizard” opened upon me plugging it in earlier.

I have searched the forum, and everything I found was either pertaining to the old controller setup or Mac…

Any help will be forever remembered and appreciated

Check the device manager to see if you have a COM port assigned to the X-controller. If not, look on the internet for the FTDI driver.

Thanks so much! Got it figured out! Ran thru all the setup stuff, and even let it air cut the inventables one (2:30am, here!)

I’ll actually run a cut tomorrow. Devising a way to use my digital caliper clamped to measure and adjust XYZ motion

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This might help;