Stuff for Fittness Center

Made my first real sign is for a fitness center I help start and now volunteer to be the building manager. The dedication sign is about 28" x 24". Base frame is a solid piece of 7/8" red oak with the text carved on an inset piece of 1/8" Melamine. The melamine v-carved fairly nice with a sharp 60 degree bit in F-Engrave. The gold corner accents were cut from a strip of a scrapped aluminum vertical blind. Thin stuff but light cuts worked great to make the ā€œLā€ shapes.

The Event Board back was made from melamine and carved in Easel as well as the Suggestion Box. All of these were made from scrap I have sitting around the shop and that greatly helps with the fear of failure - no actual $$ lost when I get the settings wrong.

Overall pleased with the projects and starting to get a handle on using the X-Carve.


Nice work.
Thanks for sharing.