Subtle new changes in Easel

Hi all…

I noticed a few subtle changes in Easel today (maybe they were always there, and I have been simply overlooking…)

The bits section now has some info on the bits and links to the store… (well played Inventables…)

And I also noticed the text feature now allows me to highlight and cycle through the different fonts on the fly… (yay!)

Love that they keep adding to Easel… Great work @Zach_Kaplan and team!


Yup, just released the redesigned bit library this morning. We wanted to organize it by the different types of bits to help people learn more about what bits to use for what kinds of carves, a common point of confusion. We’ll be adding more bits and advice over time as well.

For anyone who has not seen it:


Great work Paul !!!

Ack my bad I should have put this above: the credit for this change goes to @EricDobroveanu! I just helped with some design stuff, and claimed the credit :wink:


Is there some sort of (patch notes) for whenever these updates come out? or are we supposed to find the changes ourselves?

Pretty sure they will make an announcement of some sort… they have in the past…

I sure hope so

You can type “in” or the quote mark to force it to stay in inches. So for example, typing 0.75in or 0.75" (or 3/4" for that matter) will make it stay in inches.

Again, you can type “mm” or “in” when inputting a size to have the correct unit used. We found it hard to fit the buttons into the new design, we can take another look at how we might fit them in. We can also look at removing the automatic heuristic with large bits, although it looks like using bits larger than 0.5" is exceedingly rare.

Which feature requests, can you provide a link?

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I finally set up my machine after the move and switched my router out with the quite 48v spindle. I am going to work on small stuff for a bit and I want to clean and check the router anyway.
I had to update the driver to get easel to work and noticed the new stuff after.