Success at last

Last new years after researching the x-carve I built an illustrator file with a massive library of guitar parts and body shapes. I was determined to start building guitars (again). In the spring I got a used shapeoko 2 then expanded it to 1000mm. Ive made a few this year, but they were saving the guitars from the xcarve.
This week I’ve repetitively made a couple of bodies and started assembly on another. I have 2 parts casters being used by friends at the NAMM tradeshow through the Createx paint company. Next week I will finish assembly one or more guitars and start on finishes.
Its been a long journey but its great to feel successful at last with the machine and moving forward.


The top one, no. I hadnt yet decided on controls but it’s for me so it will probably just be a pickup selector (rotary) and a volume. Swamp ash 1.75 in with some hand beveling of the edges. (my xcarve had a human error that caused some customizing…)

The middle a 1.5 thick 1 piece mahogany body with a pick guard I airbrushed long ago. The guard may change to a record cut on the gerbil.

The bottom is wormy maple on mahogany. Its my original body design based on hacking up a tele. The controls will be under a carbonita style pick guard with a toggle in the les paul normal spot. My shop assistant is building this one as his payment for learning to help me build. The good thing is he’s hooked now so he’s already thinking about a relic strat, etc… So cheap labor will remain in force. I have another two of that shape in progress. if you want to see the start of a gallery containing some other projects.