Suck it with y hight mod

So I have been looking though the upgrades and mods for the x-carve before I finally get mine. The one thing I can’t find any info on is if the suck it dust collection system will still work or have the clearance if I raise the y rails. Like if the Y rails are higher will the boot still go low enough that the brushes will still touch the work piece? Or will the router hit the top of the boot when the z axis lower?

I had to make the hole for the bit larger so that the collet nut wouldn’t hit the acrylic, and I replaced the brushes with a set 1" longer. Those 2 things kept the suckIt workable.

So maybe something like the kent cnc might be a simpler option then.

I have the KentCNC dust shoe and it works very well.

Well was hoping to save a few bucks some where but O well. I will wait for some others to chime in.

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I don’t think there will be an issue. I haven’t actually tried yet but before lifting the gantry, there was still plenty of movement available for the support arms.

Well maybe by the time I get my X-Carve some will have tried it. Guest I will just have to wait.

I got one of the first SuckIt boots, the hole was just the tiniest bit too small to accommodate the collet nut on the DC611, I had to make it approx. 1/4" larger in order to be able to plunge all the way down.

So I just got everything put back together after adding Charley’s lift plates (1" of lift) and the results are interesting. Needless to say I’m going to go purchase a piece of 1/2" MDF to put on top of my waste board for now and I’m also going to order 2" brushes from McMaster-Carr to replace the 1" brushes from them.

That’s about a 3/8" board with the dust boot at its absolute bottom of the travel of the support arms.

Measuring the end of the brushes to the waste board yields just under an inch.

I can still cut through with it on (about 1.25 inches of the bit outside the collet) but the bottom V wheels are actually almost off the Z axis when going all the way through so that’s more of the limitation than the SuckIt (shows the design work put into this by the SuckIt team).

Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for info wise.

Also, adding the MDF for me is not due to the suckit. It’s due to the V-wheels almost coming off. Changing the brushes would be enough for the SuckIt, I just don’t want to damage the Xcarve Z axis.

Looks like I might move up my plans to change to the linear Z axis.